Empowering robotics teams to beat complexity and reach reliability

Expectations for the next generation of drones, perceptive robots, and autonomous vehicles are high. Advanced autonomous systems need to get out of sterile environments and get into the chaotic real world, but be extremely reliable despite their increasing complexity.

Whether they're working on autonomous vehicles, drones, or robots companies like Cruise, Skydio, and Boston Dynamics are going to need entirely new software toolchains — event-driven data logging, warehousing of massive datasets, advanced visualization, specialized testing and deployment frameworks, and more.

We call it DevOps for Autonomy, and we believe it is going to be critical for bringing autonomous systems to mass market applications.


RavenOps is growing!

We're looking for talent from robotics, data engineering, UI/UX, and more to redefine how people develop autonomous systems.

Our office is in the heart of San Francisco's Dogpatch neighborhood. We offer competitive salaries, medical, dental, and vision insurance, equity plans, and flexible time off. 

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